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The Risks and Challenges of Hoarding

In the United states 6-10 percent of the population suffers from living in Hoarding Conditions. Hoarding  is the excessive  collection of items that may even seem useless to most people that cause problems in the collectors day to day activities and living conditions. Hoarding is a serious mental condition that can have drastic effects on a person's overall health, relationships with family and friends and even legal consequences. These are good people who fell victim to what seem to be at the time a harmless way to cope with a tragedy or other life impacting event, that eventually just became to overwhelming to deal with.  

Are you or a loved one living in hoarding conditions? Here's a quick list of the signs of hoarding:

  1. Difficulty getting rid of or organizing  items 
  2. Strong feeling of happiness when they acquire new items
  3. Strong fear of getting rid of items they feel are useful but are not. 
  4. They feel certain inanimate items or objects have "feelings"
  5. Feeling overwhelmed from the clutter and junk 
  6. Rooms are almost inaccessible and Items such as furniture and appliances are inaccessible.
  7. Lack of socialization or withdrawn with family or friends due to embarrassment.

The consequences for hoarding can be far reaching stemming from the immediate health concerns to damaging relationships with loved ones to serious legal problems such as the home or dwelling becoming condemned and or confiscated. This can cost the hoarder thousands of dollars in medical expenses, legal fees, lost possessions, lost property and in extreme cases even the loss of life. But there are solutions and a light at the end of the tunnel.  If you or Someone you love are living in these terrible conditions you can:

  • Have Family and friends intervene in a calm respectful and caring manner, and work together to dispose of the things.
  • Reach out to your local church or other non profit organization and ask for help. Many of these places have programs that cost little to no money if you qualify.
  • Call your local Junk Removal Expert. These people are discrete professionals who have access to the manpower and means to properly dispose of your items. Most will recycle and donate items before they throw them away which may ease the hoarders concerns about just " throwing them away".  Our knowledgeable and caring team are ready to help you today. 
  •  In Extreme cases you can reach your local health department or adult protective services for help if no other way to help is possible. 


Why Hire the Pros for your Junk Removal

Hiring the right junk removal company has many benefits and can save you both time and money in the long run. Junk removal experts often have access to places most ordinary people do not, or are not aware of, and can properly dispose of items keeping our environment cleaner and more vibrant. The pros have access to places such as:

  • Landfills/ Transfer stations
  • Donation Centers
  • Recycling centers

A professional junk removal expert understands how to load their trailer or truck so that you get the maximum dollar value per cubic yard for your money, which can save you time and money.

 But what really makes a junk removal expert different then the weekend guy on facebook or craigslist?

 There are 3 BIG questions you should ask yourself when considering hiring just anyone.

Q: Are they reputable and show up on time?

A: Reputation is EVERYTHING in this industry. A good junk removal pro will show up on time and get the task at hand done quickly and efficiently. To a junk removal pro your business is more then some side hustle cash on the weekend, your business and their job are their livelihood and they've put extensive investments in their time and money to provide the service to you. Before hiring just anyone ask for references to make sure your getting a qualified professional who will guarantee their work and your satisfaction. 

Q: Are they disposing of your unwanted items properly?

A: A good junk removal professional wont get you in trouble by illegally dumping or " alley dumping" your discarded waste or trash. They will properly dispose of them and some will even donate and recycle items to save on what goes into a landfill. Some items such as refrigerators, Freezers and AC Units contain harmful chemicals such as freon and need to be properly evacuated before they are recycled or disposed of.  

Q: Are they insured if they damage your property?

A: The job may seem simple enough, remove an old couch and haul it away right? Well, what happens if the person you hired accidently puts a whole in your wall, or falls on your property and gets hurt? A licensed junk removal expert will have the proper insurance, protecting you from damages that could occur that weekend guy might not repair. A junk removal pro also carries insurance that helps cover any accidents that result in injury in your home or on your property to themselves , saving you from the potential of a serious lawsuit. In either instance while you may be saving money with the weekend warrior up front, if something happens you could lose hundreds to thousands of dollars in the end.  

If you are in need of Junk removal service please feel free to cont​act us today or your local junk removal experts.